Altar of Luonnotar
Altar of the luonnotar 1
Requires: Great Prophet
Good or Neutral Alignment
Info: +2 XP for Disciple Units made in city
+2 CultureIcon
Allows 1 Priest
Allows: Altar of Luonnotar (Anointed)
Cost: N/A Production
Type: National Wonder


The Luonnotar claim that this stone slab was where the one true god stood when he came into creation before the fall of Agares. Each religion has a different myth about the origin of the stone, but none dispute its power; all units created in the owning empire are Blessed


Completing all 7 phases of the Altar of Luonnotar will win the game if the victory option is enabled to do so.

Since the city that builds the Altar will be able to (at each successive stage) train Disciple units with extra experience, this can allow one to construct a strong core of Disciple Units for military use (e.g. Confessors for Bless, Stonewardens for Divine Shield, Ritalists for Ring of Fire, and Cultists for Tsunami).

Also, the Malakim civilization have an especially strong connection to this, as their Lightbringer Disciple unit can be upgraded to several different upgrade paths. For example, a high-XP Lightbringer can be upgraded up the normal path to obtain strong Priest and High Priest units, but can also (by converting them first to Savants) be turned into high-XP Mage units for Arcane casters (with both Medic 1 and Sentry!).

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