Allegiance: Calabim
Race: Vampire
Allignment: Evil
Favorite Civic: Aristocracy
Favorite Wonder: Soul Forge
Traits: Aggressive

Adopted daughter of Os-Gabella and elder sister of Flauros, Alexis is the queen and first of the vampires. Raised by an immortal mother, she was faced with her own mortality and unwilling to accept that she would be the first in the Bair of Lacuna to die. To get her over her fear of death, Os-Gabella took her to the crude villages of early men and showed her how they lived and died. Wishing to examine this death more closely, Alexis came to the village at night and killed a shepherd.

The shepherd's death didn't answer her questions: she saw no spirit leaving his body and his body grew cool, but if his life went anywhere she couldn't see the change. Alexis had access to the teaching of Ceridwen, who had built the Bair of Lacuna and had surrounded it in runes that keep the unwelcome from entering it from other planes, and those imprisoned within it from leaving through the same means. These last runes Alexis used at the site of her 2nd killing, a young acolyte of Lugus named Lanthis.

Lanthis lay dying but unable to die within Alexis's ring of runes, his spirit unable to escape to the vault. Cut and battered within the circle, Lanthis writhed in agony while Alexis watched. When she tired of watching, Alexis stepped into the circle and allowed Lanthis's spirit an escape, into her. To transition the spirit she touched him, kissing him on his blood soaked forehead. At that moment, at that taste of blood, the first vampire was born. Alexis didn't become possessed by the spirit, she consumed it and her mortal life was extended because of it.

Over the next few centuries, she shared the secret with her brother and they parted from their immortal mother and began hunting men in a variety of guises. One life could extend their own for 20-30 years so they didn't hunt often but they were a legendary threat to men from creation.