Once the God of Strength, Aeron was corrupted when he fell and joined Agares at the beginning of the Age of Dragons. Because of this, Creation will never know real strength. His corrupted aspect is Hate, best expressed by the physical rage of werewolves. He presides over all on man baser emotions, and is called the God of Blood and Murder. He is the Patron God of the Calabim, and is also of Assassins. A guild of assassins, called Aerons chosen, are really a cult devoted to him. His Archangel is Odio (Hatred), whom was imprisoned by Kilmorph during the signing of the compact:

When the gods met at the seven pines they called a truce in the godswar. The divine armies withdrew to their sacred lands and humanity had a hint of the peaceful times that would come. But the greatest of Aeron's angels, the archangel Odio, ignored his lords command. He was given over to his bloodlust and lead an army of Ira into the lands of Kilmorph.

"What means the words of one who does not rule his own home? If Aeron is to share our council he must withdraw his ara from Odio"

The gods agreed with Kilmorph and Aeron's protection was removed from the raging Odio, in that instant the queen of gems reached out and pulled Odio into the earth. There she left him transformed to stone, eternal testament to the power of the gods and cost of defying their will.

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