Race: Human,Elven and Dwarven
Unit Class: Arcane Unit
Requires: Knowledge of the Ether
Mage Guild or Doviello
Starts With: Channeling I
1 Free Promotion
Info: 3 Strength
1 Move
Cost: 90 Production
Upgrages From: Adventurer
Upgrades To: Mage
Special: Can build Mana Nodes


Young hopefuls from the various magical schools are put through a series of grueling tests at the end of their studies. The ones that survive these tests become the personal pupils and assistants of fully-educated mages and are for the first time taught some rudimentary spells. Unfortunately for the Adepts, they are in many ways the cannon fodder of the magical profession, sent to do the jobs that are too dangerous for the Mages and deemed beyond the capacities of a mere student.

Adepts are the first rung of the magical ladder, and can learn up to Tier I spells for which they have mana access to.


Adept amuritesAmurites Adept khazadKhazad Adept ljosalfarLjosalfar Adept sheaimSheaim Adept sidarSidar

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